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About Us

This website

This website is to help our clients and their firms achieve their true potential. The site is full of articles, tips, videos and other material to help you lead your practice, whilst growing your profitable client portfolio.

If you’re looking for one of our main websites, please try any of these resource rich sites:

  • Growing your firm. The place for ambitious professionals who own firms with between 5 and 50 employees.
  • How to Make Partner: The website for those that are looking to make partner in their firm, or for partners looking to develop potential within their firm.
  • The Go-To Expert: The site for people who want to really differentiate themselves from their competition and never have to sell again.

The Excedia Group

The Excedia Group was founded in early 2011 after Heather and Jon had worked together on several projects and then realised that they didn’t know who could nag whom the most, nor did they stop laughing.  All joking aside, Jon Baker and Heather Townsend wanted to bring clarity, perspective and knowledge to help their clients achieve their business goals. They both realised that they could do this in a more effective and enjoyable way by working together. Over 75% of our work comes from professional service firms – both large and small, helping them get lead and build their practice – often helping them harness the power of social media and networking.

Our business is based around the shared values of the two founders – Jon and Heather:

  • Loyalty – to our clients and their requirements
  • Integrity – we will only advise clients on what we are qualified to do so, and only with our client’s best interests at heart. We will also never profit from a referral we make to or for our clients.
  • Fun – we will bring our love of what we do with us to work, thereby helping deliver a better experience for our clients
  • Friendship – we will form close and strong relationships with our clients
  • Freedom – we believe that success in business is defined by the ability to live your life as you choose. We help our clients build their business so that they too can achieve Freedom.

The Excedia group has three main elements, “How to Make Partner” focuses on the larger professional firms; The GoTo Expert helps professionals grow their reputation and differentiate their firms from the competition and growing your firm focuses on smaller professional firms and businesses with between 5 and 50 staff.

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