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Our office

The only commercial office in a 60 acre country park, this is a great place to step back and think clearly about your firm’s development.

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Reeds and water

The reed bed is normally full of birds, often Bittern.

Sit and think

A great place to sit and think, watching the waves lap at our feet. The chimneys are all that’s left from when the valley was full of brick works.

Under teh willow tree

Sitting under the willow tree

The turbine now

The wind turbine provides power for the centre and the local village.

Bog pond

When did you last go pond dipping?

Photo 27-08-2014 07 56 33

Enjoying the sunshine out of the office window.

Autmnla morning

The early morning sun burning off the mist

Strategy session

Great place to wander for a strategy session.

Somewhere to sit and coach

Somewhere to sit and coach


If only all Monday morning’s were this good? They are here.